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Rosehip seed oil and acne scars

Before we get into the subject of rosehip seed oil and acne scars, and the treatment thereof, let’s first find out what are the causes of acne.

Sufferers of acne are usually between the ages of 11 and 30 years old, and is caused by hormones changes in the body.

Hormonal changes are controlled by Androgen, which is actually a male sex hormone which is also found in females which is produced in higher amounts in the body during puberty and one of its functions Is to make your skin more oily.

This oil is called sebum.

Sebum Is produced in oil glands under the skin called sebaceous glands, which is there to protect the skin and keep it moisturized.

But where the problem starts is if there is a build-up of dead skin cells in the opening of the pores, this prohibits the sebum from leaving the pores, Thus causing a build-up in the sebaceous glands under the skin which causes a black head or white head to develop. Once the sebaceous gland becomes inflamed it turns into a pimple.

You normally find that acne develops in parts of the body with a higher oil content such as the face, upper arms, back and chest.

acne of face

Normally when teenagers reach their early 20s and the hormone levels settle down the acne problem will go away on its own.

But as you know not all teenagers suffer from acne so it is believed that there are other factors which cause any problems such as genetics and immune systems.

Can certain things make acne worse?

Some people think that not washing your face properly makes the acne worse, however there’s no scientific data suggesting that this is true.

Also they are stories that eating chocolates, sweets and dairy products may cause your acne to worsen, there is also no scientific data suggesting this is true. Scientific studies done on diet and acne show there’s no correlation between the two, so what you eat does not cause or worsen your acne.

However certain skin care products such as skin moisturizers can block the pores in the skin which can cause the acne to worsen unlike rosehip seed oil when used do reduce acne scars.

One factor that can make your acne worse is taking medication which contain additional hormones such as you normally see with body builders taking anabolic steroids to increase muscle growth and strength, which sometimes have a adverse effect on acne.

womans face showing acne scars

Acne and Scarring

Severe acne can cause scarring of the skin.

When the wounds created by the acne deep in the skin heal, they can cause scarring and because the scar (Atrophic scars) is deep in the skin, and if there is a lack of connective tissue when the scar heals, this causes the pock marked effect on the skin.

You will sometimes find that people who pick the acne or the pimples normally end up with more scarring.

There is another type of acne scarring called Hypertrophic scars, this works opposite to a atrophic scarring as these cars whilst healing produce too much connective tissue which cause bumps on the skin and not pock marks.
These kind of scars are normally found on the shoulders arms and back but are much less common.

There is also a third kind of scarring called Keloid scars, this is when much too much connective tissue is made and these scars end up much bigger than actual inflamed affected area, this however is very very rare.

Treating your acne scars with rosehip seed oil

Rosehip seed oils are full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids and it is a great natural remedy for many numerous ailments, it is also be proven to help reduce the effects of scarring on the skin.

This test was done in a medical test and Spain where they took 108 patients who all had scars from surgery. 76 were given rosehip seed oil to apply to the scars and the other 32 patients didn’t use anything on their scar tissue.

Over a total of a 12 week period and after applying the rosehip seed oil twice a day to the affected areas there was a reduction in the redness around scars and the atrophy of the scar tissue.

So by adding rosehip seed oil to your daily skin regime may have positive results and help reduce your acne scars.

It is suggested that you first apply the rosehip seed oil to your skin, wait a while before applying your normal makeup, this would ensure that the rosehip seed oil is not diluted in any way.

rosehip oil pure

Another important factor when purchasing your rosehip seed oil, always make sure it is 100% pure organic cold pressed rosehip oil, such as Nature’s Farm Rosehip Seed Oil, this type of oil retains much more nutrients and vitamins then cheaply produced rosehip oil. Remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for“, and when it comes to looking after your skin you definitely don’t want to use cheap products.

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