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1. Bye, bye stretch marks!

Not only can acne scars be reduced with the help of rose hip oil, stretch marks can also be minimized with the natural product . This is due, among other things, to the vitamin C it contains , which stimulates cell renewal and thus lightens discoloration more easily. 

2. Rose hip oil combats dandruff and split ends

Rosehip oil is not only the recipe for great skin à la Duchess Kate, it also cares for your hair. For example, if you massage a few drops of the natural product into the scalp, dandruff will be combated. If you put a small blob in the tips , they will be supplied with sufficient moisture. Split ends don’t stand a chance. 

dandruff rosehip

3. Beautiful nails thanks to Roship Oil

Strong fingernails are one of the absolute beauty goals of every woman. Instead of spending tons of money on nail oil, you can also take care of your nails with rose hip oil . Simply massage the oil onto your nails and cuticles two to three times a week and broken nails and the like are a thing of the past. 

rosehip oil for nails

4. Remedies for sun damage

After the warm summer, your skin needs a little break in autumn. To help her recover from sun damage, rose hip oil is also ideal. It has a calming and healing effect. 

In principle, rose hip oil only has benefits and can revolutionize your beauty routine. The only disadvantage is the cost. In addition, you should avoid overdosing when applying, as otherwise unsightly stains could arise.