Whether crow’s feet, frown lines or fine lines on the mouth – we will tell you what the five most common wrinkles on your face mean and how and with which treatments you can reduce them a little …

When it comes to skin care, fighting wrinkles plays a huge role. The fine lines that adorn the face with increasing age are part of life and give the face real character, but of course you don’t want to appear older than you really are. While there are now countless anti-aging treatments  and there is also a special diet against wrinkle formation, the question often arises as to what the individual wrinkles actually represent. We did a little research and identified the causes of crow’s feet, frown lines and the like and at the same time we also found out some tips ready what you can do especially against these “problem areas” …

1. Forehead wrinkles

The horizontal lines on the forehead, which are also known as worry lines, are, as their name suggests, the result of a more stressful everyday life or the habit of raising your eyebrows . Just a little relaxation in the form of a spa weekend or a quiet meditation, as well as the regular use of a highly concentrated serum such as the vitamin C serum from MayBeau  and moisturizing face masks with an anti-aging effectcan smooth the complexion a little. At the same time, however, the forehead is also an indicator of how things are in your stomach. If you stress this with too much sugar or fat or drink too little water, then this can also be noticeable through wrinkles on the forehead. By changing your eating habits, you can also reduce the existing lines a little and prevent further wrinkles

Frown lines

In this case, too, the name of this fold describes its origin. Frown lines, some of which are genetically predisposed, arise when you squint your eyes too often. However, this is a habit that is anything but easy to get rid of. With a few tricks, however, you can restrict the use of this facial expression a little. For example, when the sun is shining, you can protect your eyes, which automatically squint in the bright rays, with sunglasses . Even if you stare at the screen for a long time, you tend to have these tense facial expressions and by writing a little note like “Relax your eyes!” by sticking to the screen, you can regularly remind yourself to relax your face. 

You can also integrate a massage technique into your beauty routine, which smooths the lines between the eyebrows. By massaging a highly effective serum with hyaluronic acid such as the concentrate from Colibri Cosmetics  on the affected area using the V-grip (place your index and middle fingers close between your eyebrows and stroke them up your forehead while slowly spreading your fingers) , the collagen-forming active ingredient reaches the deep layers of the skin and the fine lines are plumped up. 

Crow’s feet

Now it’s getting exciting! The fine lines around the eyes can be traced back to several causes. On the one hand, they are the result of a lot of laughter, but the bluish light from smartphones, laptops, etc., or insufficient protection against UV rays can also be the cause of this “problem zone”. While reality star Kim Kardashian’s wrinkle removal is one of the dubious methods, as it simply does without laughing, other, less “serious” methods can also combat annoying crow’s feet. By setting yellowish filters or night modes on your electrical devices more often or with an eye cream with a sun protection factor such as the “Hyaluron Filler” from Eucerin takes hold , you can prevent the further development of the lines or, according to dermatologists, even reduce them.

Asolabial folds

A distinctive line from the nostril down to the corner of your mouth adorns your face? Not only can this be the result of aging, this wrinkle is also a sign of a somewhat wilder lifestyle. If you don’t skip a party, like to look too deeply into your glass on the weekend, if you are familiar with lack of sleep or if the job demands everything from you, then this bump appears a few years earlier. It is the result of the decreasing strength of the connective tissue, which can, however, be strengthened again very quickly with a certain care routine. While not everyone wants to rely on painful and at the same time expensive injections for Beautydoc, a simple derma roller and a collagen- containing serum can also be usedcause a rejuvenating effect. By massaging the affected area with the needle-like gadget, opening the pores and stimulating the blood circulation, the collagen applied afterwards can penetrate deeply and the skin layers and rebuild the cell structure. 

Lip lines

What women especially fear in old age are the small wrinkles on the lips , which make applying lipstick a very special challenge. On the one hand, these lines are genetically predisposed and become more pronounced with increasing age; on the other hand, they can also be caused by UV rays and smoking. Of course, you can’t magic away the fine lines, but with the help of a rich lip balm in the form of a mask with collagen and the regular use of care sticks with a sun protection factor such as the Labello treatment. you can plump up your skin a little and at least protect it from further damage. We don’t need to explain in more detail that you should also stop smoking!

Wrinkles on the chin

Similar to the frown lines between the eyebrows, lines on the chin can also be indicators of your mood. Especially people with a somewhat negative attitude towards life, whose corners of the mouth tend to point downwards, quickly get these wrinkles under the lips, which make you appear a few years older. In order to reduce existing wrinkles, a serum with hyaluronic acid such as the “Hydra Plus” concentrate from Babor is definitely suitable  and so that no new lines appear, you should think a little more positively and smile more often. Mood-enhancing foods such as bananas, chocolate or fresh spinach can help