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South Africa’s Bulk Supplier of Organic Certified
Wild Harvested Products of Medicinal Plant Species

South Africa is ranked as the third most biologically diverse country in the world, occupying only 2% of the worlds land surface area yet home to 10% of the world’s plant species. More than half of these species are endemic to the country making biodiversity one of South Africa’s most important natural assets.

 Landlocked within South Africa lies an enclave of scenic beauty known as Lesotho.  In the remote areas of the country, traditional healing practices have been performed for decades by local communities utilizing a wide diversity of medicinal plant species. Rosehip Farm was established to assist local communities in Lesotho to add value to their African medicinal plant species and contribute to social and economic upliftment in rural areas

Rosehip Products

Our Organic Certified Rosehip products include the following;

  • Rosehip oil
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Rosehip seed
  • Rosehip seed powder
  • Rosehip shells
  • Rosehip tea cut
  • Rosehip shell powder

Our Organic Certified Rosehip products is ready for you to manufacture your organic range of Rosehip Facial Oils, Rosehip Body Oils, Rosehip Tea, Rosehip Syrup, Rosehip Marmalade, Rosehip Soft Gel Oil Capsules, Rosehip Shell Powder Tablets, Rosehip Canine Supplements, Rosehip Equine Supplements, Rosehip Pet Food, etc…

Rosehip oil bulk

We produce our rosehip oil bulk quantities from rosehip seeds, whose plants grow organically and then wildly in a location that is almost entirely free from pollution as well as contaminants.

We take great pride in the fact that our rosehip oil bulk products have the all-natural characteristics of our products; that is why we don’t apply chemicals or solvents to get our rosehip oil from the fruit. Also, we produce our rosehip oils in compact batches to retain and also preserve their natural form.

We produce our organic as well as conventional rosehip oils making use of a cold-press system.

Rosehip powder – organic certified

Unprocessed Natural RoseHip formulations have been employed for thousands of years in several different forms. As their name indicates, they come from the rose plant. They are surely the bulbs that remain after the petals drop off. Using Rosehip Powder will provide your body the nutrients it requires to help remain young and even healthy

Organic raw Rose Hip is popular for its vitamin C content, then again are likewise a natural method to obtain polyphenols, bioflavonoids, as well as carotenoids. Rosehip Powder organically support a healthy inflammation reaction, help a healthy immune response as they are beneficial for keeping up with overall health.

How come Rose hips so unique is their naturally high vitamin C content is substantially enhanced by helping bioflavonoids, for instance, quercetin, rutin, and also hesperidin which boost absorption as well as amplify the total benefit. Carotenoids available in rose hips consist of beta-carotene, lycopene, beta-Cryptoxanthin, rubixanthin, zeaxanthin and then lutein.

Rosehip Tea

Rosehip bears a lot of properties which can help protect you from a health problem. Rosehip tea is packed with vitamin C and even flavonoids that are responsible for its antioxidant impact. Vitamin antioxidants help prevent diseases connected with oxidation, for instance, heart disease, arthritis, not to mention cancer. Additionally, they inhibit damage triggered by free radicals, which may play a role in premature aging.

Research released in Molecular Facets of Medicine in 2003 discovered that Rosehip tea is an important source of lycopene, an antioxidant as well abundant in tomatoes. This antioxidant had been linked to lowered risk of heart problems and cancer.

rosehip-farm bulk rosehips in bags

Rosehip for pet food

Rosehip powder is additionally used for pet food for some types of animals simply because it was noticed that animals were specifically attracted to the scent and even taste of these kinds of small fruit pods. When individuals began consuming the components of rosehips, a lot of attention moved towards the potential that it had for our wellbeing.

The array of methods that rosehips could be arranged is amazing. Many of the most regular forms of rosehips consist of jams, tisanes, bread, wine, pies, jellies, soups, and even marmalade.

Rosehip syrup

Rosehips contain 20-25 times more vitamin C than you will find in oranges. Because of this and owing to the lack of citrus fruits, the British govt all through World War 2 encouraged people to make rosehip syrup.

The advantages of rosehips include their power to reduce the symptoms of arthritis rheumatoid, ease various respiratory problems, protect against cancer, lower cholesterol, handle diabetes, reduce scars, boost urination, control your digestive system, work as a pain killer, increase the immune system, boost circulation, and also assist in building healthy bones.

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