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Community and Conservation

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Lesotho is characterized as a poor country with more than half of its population living below the poverty line.  Therefore majority of Lesotho’s inhabitants rely on subsistence agricultural activities for their daily survival. As a result, overgrazing, overutilization and soil erosion has drastically depleted ecosystem health in the country. The diversity of species found in Lesotho has seen a major decline accompanied with increasing signs of desertification.

Impact of Rosehip Farm

Rosehip Farm has built close relationships with local community members in Lesotho to enhance rural livelihood opportunities. This is accomplished by providing training and education to promote sustainable and productive land activities that maintain agroecosystem health. 

Rosehip farm also empowers local communities to sustainably manage and benefit from their natural resource base. As a result, farmers have received hands-on support to sustainably harvest a wide variety of medicinal plant species. These species are harvested at different times of the year, creating sustained employment and income opportunities for rural households. In addition, Rosehip Farm equips local communities to plant and harvest a variety of crop species for subsistence use and trade. This provides an additional livelihood strategy for low income households.

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