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In this blog post we will explain how to reduce the appearance stretch marks using rose hip oil.

Stretch marks are the result of damage done to the underlined support system of the skin due to excessive weight gain, muscle gain and sometimes even the weight loss.

When the skin is forced to stretch too far or quickly it literally tears the mesh of fibres in the skin and these become visible as stretch marks. The thighs, butt, area around the kidneys (love handles), and stomach are the most common places for stretch marks to appear. Some women can get stretch marks on their breasts and upper arms as well.

stretch marks mans bicep

Woman are mostly affected by stretch marks but men can get them too.

The stretched skin will try to repair itself as best it can but in most cases it is very difficult to reduce effects of stretch marks naturally.

People have been searching for and easy and reliable way to reduce these stretch marks fro decades.

How to use rose hip oil to reduce stretchmarks

As Rose Oil contains Vitamin E it is the perfect solution to reduce stretch marks and at the same time your skin can benefit from all the other properties rose hip oil offers.

We all know that Vitamin E plays a big factor in reducing stretch marks and Scar Tissue.

One can apply the rose hip oil to the stretch marks after taking a bath or shower or before going to bed. Apply the rose hip oil by pouring it onto your skin and gently massage it into this damaged area of the skin with your fingertips. As a rose hip oil is non-greasy it will not mark or damage your clothing or bedding.

If you prefer you can mix the rose hip oil with your favourite body lotion or body butter and apply it as you would normally.

stretch marks on thigh

How to make your own stretch mark repair oil

You will need :
2 tablespoons rose hip oil
1/2 cup almond oil
1/2 cup of Jojoba oil
1/4 of a cup of raw sugar

How to mix

Poor and mix the oils in a suitable container, seal, then shake well, finally add the sugar.


Gently apply to the stretch marks on a daily basis preferably twice a day . The Rosehip oil will give your skin the elasticity it needs to repair while the jojoba Oil is loaded with fatty acids which penetrate deep into the pores, the almond oil contains lots of moisture and the raw sugar helps to exfoliate your skin.

In addition to using Rosehip oil or your stretch mark oil, there are some other options you may want to consider two boosts the scar or stretch mark healing process.

Try and include foods with a high vitamin E content into your diet such as certain fruits like, Avocado, Mangos, kiwi fruit, also vegetables are a good source of vitamin E, such as butternut squash,Turnips, Broccoli, and red sweet peppers.


We hope this article has given you useful information and ideas which can help you reduce your stretch marks.