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Hey guys, I would like to tell you how I use Nature’s Farm Rosehip Oil in my makeup routine. I have found it to be a great help in the application of my makeup as well as adding moisture to my skin. I hope these tips and tricks will come in handy for those reading this blog.

Rosehip oil for your makeup

I was bored one evening and decided to experiment with a new makeup look so I set out all of my makeup and began applying my foundation with a beauty blender. It looked quite matt and I’m not the type that likes the matt look I like the fresh dewy “just got out of the shower” look.

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I do wear a moisturiser under my foundation but my skin drinks that all up as I have dry skin so once I apply foundation the shine is gone from my face especially if I wear the makeup all day long. I had the rosehip oil (rosehip seed oil) just off to the side of my dressing table next to my moisturisers.

rosehip oil eye dropper

I thought let me apply some rosehip seed oil (also known as Rosa Canina) to my face before I apply my foundation perhaps my skin won’t feel so dry.

I grabbed a make-up remover wipe and took off the foundation that I had applied to my face and started over. I put a couple of drops of the rosehip oil into the palm of my hand and warmed it up between my fingers and patted it in all over my face, already my skin looked healthier I proceeded to add the foundation with my beauty blender, not only did my skin look dewy and feel moisturised it made the application of the foundation so easy to blend and gave my skin that airbrush effect.

I was so chuffed with the results that now I do not apply foundation without my rosehip oil!

I suppose one could add a couple drops of the rosehip oil to a couple pumps of foundation and mix it well together and apply that directly to the skin. If you are not looking for the dewy look but rather the matte finish you can still apply the rosehip oil under the foundation and set your makeup with either a setting spray or setting powder that way you will have the benefits of the oil without the dewey effect keeping the skin moisturised beneath the foundation.

Seeing as it worked so well under my foundation I decided to try it out in other aspects of my makeup routine. I do love my matte liquid lipstick for those of you that have used matte lipstick you will know just how drying it can be on the lips so I also applied some rosehip oil to my lip like a regular lip balm before I applied my favorite matte lipstick and it made the matte lip a much more comfortable wear.

When I do not wear a matt lip I like to put some rosehip oil on my lips to stop my them from chapping especially during winter, it adds a shiny gloss to my lips without having to use a lip gloss which I find can be rather sticky, the oil is a more natural alternative with a number of benefits. On the days I don’t wear a full face of makeup for example I might only wear concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes, mascara and eyebrow gel.

I like to pat some rosehip oil on the high points of my cheekbones as it acts as a highlighter when light hits my cheeks, so simple but it works. This tip comes in handy when you don’t have or don’t want to apply a powder or cream highlighter and you want a more natural look.

appling rosehip seed oil to cheek

I even use the rosehip oil to apply my eye shadow! When I applied the eye shadow it would never look like the colour did in the pallet so I would try packing on the shadow but that did not work instead I was left with more fall out than anything else so I just assumed I was using a bad product, but then I decided to dab my brush into a drop of the oil and swipe it onto the color in my pallet and place it on my eyelid and the eye shadow was just as pigmented on my eyelid as it was in the pallet I was so surprised!

So before you throw out your eye shadow palette thinking it is a bad product try this tip. I love keeping my eyebrows in shape by plucking them. If you keep your eyebrows in shape by getting them plucked, waxed or threaded you will know that the area where the hair is removed becomes red and inflamed, so what I like to do is first cleanse the area I will be removing the hair from and then I pluck out the unwanted hairs, clean the area again and I wait for about 5 minutes to let the skin settled down and I apply some rosehip oil to the reddened areas with a cotton swab and it calms that skin down and the redness clears shortly thereafter. If I were going to apply a full face of makeup I would carve out my eyebrows with concealer to perfect the shape around where I had plucked the hairs and because the oil moisturised that area it makes the application of the concealer so smooth and when I am done I have perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

apping rosehip seed oil to under eye

So if you like to experiment with new makeup looks or just simply want to add moisture into your makeup routine, even if you are just stepping into the world of makeup, all of these tips are simple to follow, go ahead and try it out you can’t go wrong with this awesome natural product. I hope these tips and tricks will be of use or interest to you guys. Thank you for reading my blog. Regards Candice