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History of Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil which originates from Helichrysum italicum, a flowing plant in the daisy family. These kinds of plants grow across the Mediterranean and are named after the Greek “Helios,” or sun, and “chrysos,” which translates to gold.

The Helichrysum flower was widely known in ancient Greece for its beauty, as well as its therapeutic properties. It is believed that these kinds of flowers were once dried and prepared as an offering to the Greek Gods. Furthermore, the plants and their oil have been used across Europe and Africa for hundred of years in order to help heal injuries and treat numerous ailments. The fragrant leaves were also burned as incense.1.

In some cases referred to as the curry plant, helichrysum is sometimes used as an herb in Mediterranean cuisine. The flavor is different from the curry common in Indian dishes; the brilliant yellow colouring of the helichrysum flowers really provide the plant this nickname. The plants yield very little oil and are frequently harvested when they are quite young to be steam distilled.

Nowadays, helichrysum is typically harvested in Croatia and around the Mediterranean. The essential oil, that boasts a remarkably lengthy shelf life, is mainly utilized in cosmetic and skin care products or in numerous medical balms and ointments. The flowers remain to be a favorite to add to dried flower arrangements, and the oil can still be used in a diffuser for aromatherapy.

There are many health benefits of helichrysum as you’re about to find out.

The Brain and Nervous System Support

brain support

Helichrysum oil contains unique fat soluble compounds like a cito phones as well as terpenoids and these compounds have been shown to really help support the nerve system.

In fact terpenoids are also found in very high amounts in frankincense essential oil but helichrysum has some of the highest levels and for that reason helichrysum is the number one essential oil you can use for any type of nerve degeneration or nerve issues.

If somebody is struggling with neuro degeneration or cognitive dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s disease Helicrysum can help.

Helichrysum is a great essential oil to use for somebody who’s had a brain injury or suffered from a concussion

Helichrysum oil is the ideal essential oil.

Diffuse it around the patient or you could do what is common practice and, administer about four drops and rubbing it on the neck and sometimes even the roof of the mouth. And by doing that you’re breathing in the vapors of helichrysum which again is great for any type of nerve issue. If you have polyneuropathy or nerve degeneration it’s also a great oil to use for that.

Reducing inflammation

helichrysum for nerves

A recent medical study found that using helichrysum essential oil, naturally reduces blood pressure and reduces the risk of coronary issues and heart attack and so for that reason helichrysum essential oil is great.

For anybody with blood pressure problem ,suffers of high levels of stress or anybody who’s looking to improve the overall health of their heart.

 Liver detoxification

This essential oil is often use to detoxify the liver as it breaks down of fatty acids and supports bio production.

As  your liver is your body’s chief organ for detoxification, every day we’re exposed to things from Teflon pans to radiation for microwaves and cellphones to pesticides and our food supplied lead-based paints.

Having all of these things around us all the time means we really need to be supporting our liver on a daily basis and for that reason what is suggested is that you take four drops of helichrysum and rubbing it on your left lower ribcage, right at the very bottom part of your rib cage, that’s going to support liver detoxification.

Anytime you’re doing a detox or cleanse of any sort, helichrysum oil can support you while you’re doing that detox or cleanse whether it’s a Daniel Fast or a colon cleanse or liver, gallbladder cleanse, doing helichrysum oil during that time is a wise decision.

Skin Care

helichrysum for skin care

And last but not least helichrysum oil it has amazing benefits for your skin.

Whether you have acne or trying to reduced wrinkles or especially, if you have scarring or sunspots or age spots, helichrysum oil is effective.

What is recommended is to take three drops of helichrysum oil and apply it on our face as part of our natural daily skincare routine.

Many patients who started using helichrysum oil, saw great results with wrinkles but especially with getting rid of age spots, sunspots or discolored skin.

The reason for that helichrysum oil has large amounts of terpenoids and acidphones as well as other antioxidants that are fat soluble, which help even out skin tone and again have even been shown to help heal scarring, especially of acne or acne scarring.

Doing helichrysum topically is a great idea.

So again add in helichrysum to your daily routine, whether it be for reducing inflammation, detoxification, supporting your brain and nerve system or having healthy glowing skin, helichrysum oil is an oil you want to check out.


Helichrysum is fantastic for stopping bleeding from open wounds. It works particularly well for nosebleeds or need to do is apply a couple of drops onto the bridge of the nose and the size of the nose rub it in and it will help stop The bleeding.

Healthy for Skin

Many women have found that a Helichrysum oil is great for their skin when the applied directly onto the skin or mixed into your daily facial creams they have  found it really works wonders.

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Helichrysum oil has also been known to help reduce varicose veins and help with a better circulation especially on your extremities.

Pain Relief

joint painHelichrysum also helps to control or reduce pain especially and nerve damage pain. It also has benefits for people suffering with joint pain from arthritis or osteoporosis.

Helichrysum also helps with mental anguish or pain , people who are depressed, feeling helpless or have been injured and are battling to deal with the injury, mentally. For example if they had multiple surgeries or have been in an accident . Helichrysum can help them feel courageous and help them through those bad times when they are dealing with their physical pain.  So whether it is mental or physical pain helichrysum is a great healer for both concerns.

DIY facial oil with  Helicryusm

1 tbsp coconut oil

3 tablespoons honey

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 capsules of live probiotics

20 Drops of helichrysum essential oil

Place in a small bowl and mix together well prefer ably be with electric mixer.  Then store in a  dark cool place And use it daily as your go to DIY face wash