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Rosehip oil is an amazing natural product that contains astonishing conditioning properties for your hair.

You are most probably paying a lot for your hair products and still not getting the results you would expected, I would suggest try using Rosehip oil as an alternative or in addition to your normal hair products, since it’s now one of the most recommended natural products that you can use for your hair.

Introduction Rosehip Oil For Hair

Rosehip oil is among the top natural oils which have become very popular and show effective results used on your hair as well as your skin.

It was discovered thousands of years ago by the Andean Indians of Chile who used it for its hair conditioning and rejuvenation properties.

In fact, the mountainous parts of Chile produce the best quality rosehip oil in the world.

It is reported that the rosehip produces high quality vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. This is why the Native Americans, Mayans and Egyptians also utilized rosehip oil for both hair and skin treatments.

The current beauty industry has now caught on the rosehip oil secrets that was discovered by ancient cultures.

The oil can be easily extracted via 2 processes i.e. slow-cooking or cold-pressed.

The cold-pressed technique is expensive but it is more benificial because the oil does not get exposed to high temperatures which degrade and eliminate the important nutrients.

Rosehip oil is normally extracted from a certain variety of beautiful roses that grow in Chile referred to as Rosa Canina.


Rosehip oil has omega-3  ( linolenic acid ) as well as omega-6 fatty acids in large quantities.

These are good for moisturizing and hydrating dry skin. In addition, these fatty acids protect hair and skin from damage by the environment.

Rosehip oil also has omega 9 fatty acids that protect against tissue damage.

Rosehip oil for hair growth is packed with large amounts of vitamin C (20 times more than an orange gram for gram) that makes hair grow faster, longer and stronger.

The likelihood of hair getting split ends is considerably reduced when fed with vitamin C and also makes it stronger during treatment.

Vitamin C allows absorption of iron by the hair to strengthen it.

It also has vitamin A which is packed with antioxidants to give your hair, a youthful look as well as prevent falling out of hair due to free radicals.

The last vitamin in the oil is E, just like A it is rich in antioxidants that encourage hair growth.

Vitamin E is extremely valuable as it preserves other types of vitamins found in the oil.

These are some of the properties that have increased the popularity of rosehip oil for hair use in the beauty industry.

Benefits of using Rosehip oil for your hair

A good quality organic rosehip oil is not cheap but it makes up for that through the various advantages that its provides users with.

The following are some of the benefits of rosehip oil for hair:

  • Helps hair and scalp Rosehip oil is readily absorbed by the human scalp, it functions to moisturize the skin and soften the scalp to facilitate better hair growth. In addition, the oil prevents scalp flaking and dandruff that can be quite embarrassing.
  • Hair loss Rosehip oil for regrowth has become popular because it is used to eliminate oxidants that are responsible for hair loss. It has potent antioxidants to help with this. This is extremely useful because there are free radicals that promote the buildup of oxidants from most things that our hair gets exposed to. Pollution, second-hand smoke, stress as well as other environmental factors result in oxidants.
  • Regular hair care Rosehip oil for hair growth can also be used for regular hair care. This is because it has the ability to eliminate split ends and de-frizz hair.
  • Natural appearance The moisturizing properties and antioxidants in rosehip oil assist in giving hair a natural and beautiful appearance. The anti-oxidants prevent hair from turning brittle while the moisturizing component keeps hair fresh and smooth.
    It should be noted that this oil usually moisturizes hair and it achieves this without causing greasy/oily hair or adding weight to it.

The benefits that are listed above for rosehip oil for hair overnight are not exhaustive as there are many more.

apply rosehip oil to your hair

How to use Rosehip oil for your hair

Most people do not know how to use rosehip seed oil for hair but the process is quite simple. It works best when it is properly massaged into the scalp and hair.

STEP 1 – Massage the hair from root to tip. The oil should be left for at least half an hour after it has been massaged in place to optimum results.

STEP 2 – Then  shampoo your hair after the 30 minutes using your regular shampoo. This treatment should be repeated weekly for you to see the desired results.     

There are some people who prefer adding rosehip oil to their haircare products and other oils for optimum benefits.

The oil that is frequently chosen is coconut.

Does rosehip oil penetrate hair? It does.

Try and allow hair to air dry afterwards for a softer and smoother texture.

For best results

Warm the oil up by placing the amount you are going to use on your hair in a small plastic Tupperware bowl, then place this bowl into another bowl filled with warm tap for a minute or two prior to application. Do not have the water to hot as this may damage the nutrients and properties of the oil.

Remember to protect your clothing by placing a towel over your shoulders in case the oil spills during application.

An alternative approach is to add several drops of rosehip oil to a conditioner or shampoo before gently rubbing it into the scalp.

Repeat this procedure up to 3x a week for optimum results.

Rosehip oil is considered to be most effective when it has been cold-pressed since heat has not interfered with its nutrients and properties.

Furthermore, ensure that the rosehip oil that you purchase is certified to be 100% organic. The last thing you want is to be exposed to pesticides in oils that are non-organic because of their various adverse effects.

damaged hair


There is no recommended dosage when it comes to using rosehip oil for hair., experiment for your self to find out what works best for your hair.

Side effects

Side effects are also rare since it is organic, but as with any topical supplements, always try a little on a small area of your skin first, just to confirm you are not subject to any adverse effects before using it for any treatment whether it is for hair or skin.

Detangler and Breakage

By applying a little rosehip oil through your hair, the oil will ensure that your comb or brush glide effortlessly through your hair no matter how long it is. As the rosehip oil feeds each individual hair strand it prevents breakage.


The above insightful information about rosehip oil for hair regrowth, clearly shows that rosehip oil for hair is packed with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. These offer numerous benefits to both hair and skin.

All ladies should take full advantage of the benefits associated with this oil. It is heavily used in various products like sprays and creams but is also available in its pure form from health food stores.

Rosehip seed oil in its purest form should be stored in dark bottle to prevent over exposure to light that decreases the potency of the ingredients. The refrigerator is also a good place to store lest it become rancid.

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12 Hair Care Myths are Busted

Almost all of us are prepared to spend a substantial sum of money or follow any advice to keep our hair healthy and shiny.

Some say don’t wash it everyday or it will get greasy faster, but when you try it you still have oily hair the very next day.

Others say you need to use mayonnaise for the hair volume, but no matter how many jars of mayo you use your hair is still as flat is it used to be.

We are going to bust the most popular hair care myths right now…

MYTH #12

Too many lost hairs is bad

Everyday we lose about 150 to 200 hairs for for my head
However twice a year usually in spring and in fall, your hair goes to the phase called telogen also known as the resting phase of the hair follicles.

During this stage it is not growing anymore and lies on our heads, this is why hairs then fall off in such big amounts.

Then new hairs, the anagen stage start to appear in the empty hair follicles, that means that there is nothing serious to worry about however if you notice that your hair lose occurs more than twice a year and for longer than a month it’s time to ring the alarm.

The possible reasons might be connected with pregnancy, physical and emotional stress, dramatic weight loss and other changes your system may go through.
Be sure to visit the doctor and find out what causes this problem and how it can be solved.

MYTH #11

Shampoo and conditioner should be applied to the entire hair length

We hear this quite often but it is not true!
This particular myth comes from misunderstanding of the actual functions of both of these products.

Shampoo is designed for cleansing the scalp and not the hair and that is why I should be a be applied to the roots. The foam and shampoo that are left over on the hair will be enough to cleanse the hair whilst rinsing.

However it is vice versa with conditioner this should be apply only to the hair self, hair roots are naturally oilier and get oilier much quicker so the moisturizing effect of conditioner is not needed. You can always use rosehip oil on your as an non oily alternative.

cutting your hair

MYTH #10

The more you cut your hair the faster it grows

You must surely have heard this advice a lot of times and it’s not true cutting your hair will refresh your hair do but it won’t make it grow any faster.

Why? because hair grows from the roots and not from the ends, the average speed of hair growth is half an inch or a centimetre per month, so if you cut your hair every month, it will just keep the same length or even become shorter, so contrary to popular belief shaving your head doesn’t affect hair density since the number of hair follicles is a genetic trait.

blow drying your hair


Natural hair dryer is better than a blow dryer

When you hear the word better in any advice, always question it, better for what? or For Whom?

If you have short hair that dries in a few minutes then probably you don’t need to use a blow dry, however if your hair is long, it is on the contrary to the belief preferable to blow drying.

Why? water molecules penetrate the hair structure and literally wash out keratin, making them brittle and dry.


Hair gets used to shampoo

That’s one of the most popular beliefs which does not have any scientific proof.

Hair like nails consist of dead tissue that cannot get addicted, in other words, if you wash your hair with the same shampoo for a long time, your hair won’t get dirtier faster or grow slower.

Most factors can influence this but not the addiction of your hair to any particular brand.


A dry scalp is the main cause of dandruff

This is the most ridiculous, the truth is actually the opposite ,dandruff occurs in people with with an oily scalp.SO when this problem appears stop using hair oil which contrary to your expectations only worsens the situation. Remember using rosehip oil will not make your scalp oilier.


Frequency combing heals hair

This myth originates from old times when women simply didn’t have hygienic habits, combing was considered a peculiar substitute for washing, also they never had their hair loose.

So why is this belief not true?

Overly frequent combing distributes the skin oil along the hair and it gets dirty much faster, however coming, doesn’t affect the hair health and can even do more harm by causing split ends and breakage, therefore it’s better to comb your hair only when is necessary and in this case, a small amount of oil will be distributed along the hair it will help it to look shiny but not dirty .


Proper care will make your hair thicker

Don’t be fooled by false TV commercial promises the thickness of hair as well as the number of hair follicles, is a genetic trait so the quality of care can not affect it in any way.


The more often you wash your hair the oily hair becomes

If something works for others he isn’t guaranteed work for you, why’s that, because just like colour, thickness and curls the amount of oils released by fat cells is a genetic trait therefore frequent or rare washing doesn’t affect how fast your hair will get dirty.
however properly selected care can adjust the work of the sebaceous glands and your hair will get dirty more slowly.


If you tear out a grey hair you will get 2 a 3 in its place.

Let’s apply logic here, it doesn’t work this way does it, the quantity of hair for each person depend on either on care of proper nutrition several as can not grow instead of 1 however don’t tear out grey hairs you can damage the follicle or cause an ingrown hair .


Cool Water closes the cuticle and hair becomes smoother

This belief is also a myth as hair consists of dead tissue so neither cold nor hot water can affect the cuticles condition.


Hair ends can be recovered

Also having its origin from TV commercials this believe is just not true yes you can close split ends for a while with the help our special masks or oils however to get rid of them I need to cut your hair from time to time.

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