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1. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced

In order to stay wrinkle-free for as long as possible, hyaluronic acid , retinol and Co. are our best friends. A great alternative is rose hip oil, which smells wonderful and is also a true anti-aging miracle  . The reason: The oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protect your skin from free radicals and UV radiation – and not only that. The skin is firmed thanks to the effective ingredients. Since the natural product provides plenty of moisture , your skin becomes softer and wrinkles caused by dryness don’t stand a chance. The contained vitamin A.is a booster for collagen production, which counteracts the formation of wrinkles. For best results you should apply the rose hip seed oil daily in the morning and in the evening 3-4 drops . 


2. Finally it works with the perfect glow

Another reason why even the Duchess of Cambridge uses rosehip oil is the lightening effect . Thanks to the high vitamin C content, irregularities in the skin tone, such as pigment spots , are lightened. Your skin becomes more even and radiant. Nothing stands in the way of a royal glow . 

3. Dark circles don’t stand a chance

Despite three small children and probably little sleep, Duchess Kate always looks radiantly beautiful . Dark circles you look at the sweetheart of Prince William in vain! Kate also owes this to the rose hip oil, which reduces dark shadows . The antioxidants and vitamins they contain ensure an alert and radiant look . 

dark eyes

4. True moisture booster

What does beautiful skin need? Right, lots of moisture – and the rose hip oil provides enough moisture . Your skin becomes softer and more elastic , so that wrinkles don’t stand a chance. In addition, your skin looks plumper and firmer thanks to the moisturizer . By the way: even if you tend to have sensitive or oily skin , you can use the natural beauty oil. 

4. Acne scars will fade

If you use the rose hip oil regularly, you can even get a grip on your impurities . The vitamin C helps, among other things, to dry out the nasty blackheads . Simultaneously lightens it pimples scars on until they finally fade. Since the contained tretinoin is a retinoid and has been shown to reduce acne , it is not necessary to use other retinoids.