To make your own Rose Hip syrup, you will need 2 kilograms of rose hip fruit

Rose hip fruit on tree

Cut them in half place them in a suitable pot and add 3 litres of water and bring it to the boil

Rose hip cut in pot

Once it has come up to the boil, allowed to simmer for 5 minutes

Rose hip on the boil

Now place the cooked rose hip into a jelly bag and allowed to drain for an hour

Rose hip being strained through jelly bag

Then place the pulp back into the pot, add another 3 litres of water, bring to the boil and allowed to simmer for 5 minutes, then repeat the process by placing the pulp back into the jelly bag and allowed to strain for 24 hours
now pour the strand liquid back into the pot

Rose hip liquid

Add 650 grams of sugar for every 1Ltr of Rose Hip liquid
Heat up the mixture stirring occasionally to insure the sugar has dissolved

syrup on the boil

While it is cooking a foamy layer will gather on the surface, you will need to skip this off with a spoon to remove and allow the liquid to boil for about 3 minutes

Decant rose hip syrup into bottles

Now you can pour your Rose Hip syrup into sterilised bottles, and enjoy over flapjacks or pancakes just over cakes or even drank by the Spoonful for something sweet