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Lately there’s an abundance of rosehip growing naturally around our area and I thought it would be a great idea to make some healthy rosehip tea.

fresh rosehips

So once you have gathered your Rosehips they will need to prepare them for our tea by what it’s called “topping and tailing”, that is to say removing, both ends of the fruit with a sharp knife.

Dried out rosehips

This process might take some time, so a good idea, is to invite a friend around and do this just having a cup of tea and a chat, this is how it most probably was done in the olden days, all sitting around country table working together, plus it is really quite therapeutic.

Once you have completed topping and tailing of your Rosehip fruit, you will need to allow the fruit to dry out completely, this is done by placing them in a muslin bag (below) and hanging them in a dry ventilated area for about 2 – 3 months. Muslin bags are available from your local Kitchen supply store, or can be bought online.

Muslin bag

A Note:

If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of harvesting your own rosehips, topping and tailing them and waiting 2 – 3 months for them to dry out you can just purchase the dried Rosehip fruit right here from Rosehip Farm, click here to make your enquiry.

Once this is done take your dried Rosehips a place them in a blender, blend until they are reduced to small crumbs, they will resemble dried chilli flakes.

Now all you do is take a handful of flakes placing them in a tea pot pour over some boiling water, and allow to steep or infuse for a good couple of minutes.

And you will end up with a cup of amazing vibrant ruby red colour hot drink super rich in vitamin C, the perfect drink for those chilly winter days.