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Rosehips develop just behind the blossom plus if the plant has’s been pollinated correctly you’ll get the hips to grow properly.

I always wait till after the 1st frost which will soften the hips up and that’s kind of a self stratification is truly what it is and I pick them off straight once the initial frost and pull the rosehip seeds out and make rosehip tea.

I’m going to show you how I gather the seeds from rosehip hips.
Today is not actually the moment to pick them due to the fact that here we are in late August however I’m going to pick a some off anyways just to show you the rosehip seeds and just to kind of give you an idea so when late autumn does arrive that you’ll know what to do with .

rosehip seeds in fruit

Therefore let’s take this inside and I’m going to demonstrate to you the best ways to remove the seeds.

Ok so what I often do is I take and remove this old section here exactly where the flower was attached. Now what I’ve observed some people do, is they, just kind of pull this downward but if you just grab a hold of it like this and then pull it or push it like that it just comes right apart. If you just take it like this and then you simply press it with your fingernail and out it comes as easily as that, now they’ll be this sort of fiber stuff, this hair like material, that it’s almost resembles type of like fur. Let me show you the seeds here, okay so I got 16 rosehip seeds right here and at that time what I typically do is I just rinse off the seeds, I placed them in a small container, wash them and then dry them off on a paper towel and that’s all there is to it.

Ok so after my rosehip seeds are all dry I simply take a small mini ziplock pouch and I write on here clearly what it is now in case you know the variety you can put that on here but it actually isn’t going to matter significantly given that if it’s a combination roast then the seeds are not going to grow correct, so you could put the wide array on here however you’re mosting likely to have a new range when you’re all done. Put them into the pouch then stash them in a cool dry dark area and that’s all there is to it.

rosehip seed a couple

Last but not least there are a couple points I should explain.

# 1 while I pointed out this before is to pick the hips at the ideal time of the year, I constantly hang around until I receive a wonderful very good frost or at least extremely chilly considering that I believe that you need to wait until the hips have transformed color as well as have been the at the fully grown phase for approximately a thirty days or so and for us that’s late October, I’m certainly not claiming that that’s the proper way to do i, t I’m saying that that’s the manner in which I was shown and it appears to work for me.

Now when I say work that’s kind of subjective because Rose seeds are infamously tricky to germinate, that’s what I’ve heard, and that’s been my experience yet I presume that this is most likely to present you a much better germination rate by doing it that way.

Now if other individuals have had better luck carrying out in a different approach let me know I know there’s several folks which pull them out and they put them into the refrigerator and stratify them for a while or at least in the refrigerator.

I have not performed that so let me know if that works I’ve stratified other seeds but roses I merely hang around until I get a frost, therefore if anyone’ve had a various way of accomplishing it and it works, let me know I ‘d love to hear from you.

# 2 is that if you intend to evaluate the viability of them you can place these into a glass container filled with water and all the good viable seeds will settle to the bottom and the bad spent seeds will float to the top, and at that point you simply gather them off and throw them out, dispose the water out and then place the seeds into the plate and then let them dry out for a full week or more.

when I germinate the seeds and I possess these seedlings I don’t prefer to simply do three or four of them, I prefer to cultivate 10 or 15 of them and have 10 or 15 bowls and then I pick up the best-looking from the out of the seedlings and so I’ll place three or four in one container and so hopefully I’ll wind up with 10 or 15 plants and then I look at them if I wish to say, 4 or 5 rose bushes then I just take the healthiest appearing ones and plant them outside.