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Some Background on Helichrysum Oil

What Is Helichrysum Oil?

There are more than 556 species of helichrysum. But, the most typical helichrysum oil is Helichrysum Italicum. It’s indigenous to the Mediterranean region and Asia, and it’s picked mostly in Italy, the Balkans, Spain and France.1 The name “helichrysum” stems from the Greek word “helios,” which means sun, and “chrysos,” which means gold, describing the flower’s color.2 Helichrysum sunflower (asteraceae) family; hence the resemblance.
Helichrysum oil is also known by other names such as “immortelle” and “everlasting.” Believed to be a very costly and rarely accessible essential oil, the shelf life of helichrysum oil makes up for its expensive cost as it can be stored for a very long time.3 The essential oil has an unique and intense scent. It has a rich, fruit-like odor with honey undertones. The color ranges from yellow to red with a watery viscosity.

Common uses

Traditionally, the plant was extensively used in Eastern, Western, and Southern African society. Various tribes in Africa have used helichrysum mostly for healing purposes like treating cuts and treating fever, chest problems, sores, and coughs, to name a few. The leaves of the plant were also burned and used for incense.5,6.

Helichrysum oil is utilized mainly for cosmetic and medical purposes. It really helps your skin remain soft, smooth and moisturized, and stops it from becoming dehydrated and from cracking.7 This essential oil is also used for medicinal purposes as it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-allergenic qualities.

Is Helichrysum Oil Safe?

Helichrysum oil is safe to use for the majority of individuals, but it’s best to avoid it if you have most recently gone through surgery or are susceptible to internal hemorrhages, as the oil is an anticoagulant. Compared to many other essential oils, as mentioned earlier, this essential oil can be consumed internally, provided that it’s watered down.

Little ones under age 6 should not be given this oil. Older children and pregnant women should also refrain from using it without consulting with your physician first. It is also recommend that one takes an allergy test.

#1 Tinnitus

Tinnitus is noise or ringing in the ears the Mayo Clinic suggests that it is a common problem affecting about one in five people.

Tinnitus is not a condition itself, but rather a it’s a symptom of an underlying condition such as age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder.

The symptoms are an annoying sensation of hearing found when no external sound is present.

Tinnitus a condition more commonly known as ringing in the ears can negatively affect the quality of your life by subjecting you to constant noise.

If you’ve been diagnosed with tinnitus, helichrysum oil can help provide relief this problem. Helichrysum oil helps by constricting the blood vessels that are putting pressure on the nerves within your ear and possibly causing your tinnitus.

To take advantage of the healing properties of helichrysum oil, mix it with with some juniper oil and rub this mixture directly onto the skin around the outside of the ear taking care to avoid the inner ear canal.

#2 Run down?

 Helichrysum Oil tired

Throw some Helichrysum oil and some Eucalyptus or peppermint oil into your diffuser or humidifier and the fresh, earthy, invigorating scent will perk your space right up and help you re-focus on that mile-long to-do list. It probably wouldn’t hurt during homework time either.

#3 Sports Massage

Hitting the gym? One of our top Helichrysum oil uses is sports massage. Add a few drops of Helichrysum and Peppermint oil to grape seed oil and massage into muscles wherever you need it.

#4 Dry Skin

Is your skin dull and dry from time to time or during a certain time of the year? Help revive it with a soothing, aromatic combination of Helichrysum oil, Lavender, and coconut oil. Gently massage the mixture onto your skin, then kick back with a refreshment for a total inside-out reprieve from the heat.