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A team of medical doctors in R D Congo, Jerome Munyangi and Michel Idumbo, have run randomized clinical trials in Maniema province with the participation of some 1000 malaria infected patients. The trials were run in conformity with the WHO procedures. For all the parameters tested herbal treatment was significantly better than ACTs. The efficiency was equivalent for Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra.

More important even is the observation for the total absence of gametocytes after 7 days treatment with the herb, a tremendous hope for malaria eradication. The results have been communicated to the local health authorities, and to the Ministries of Health and Research in the RD Congo who were supportive of these trials. The draft of a paper is almost ready and will be submitted to a peer reviewed scientific journal.

The large scale trials confirm those of Dr Constant Kansango in Katanga who had found in a trial with 44 Plasmodium falciparum infected patients that after 7 days of treatment with 20gr of capsules containing A afra powder the gametocytes had completely disappeared, except for one patient. Artemisia afra does not contain artemisinin. The best explanation available is the high arginine content of Artemisia plants (see “Arginine, a deadly weapon against gametocytes” on malariaworld.org).

In 2012 already Dr Saint-Hillier worked with capsules containing powdered leaves from the French Artemisia annua genotype with a content of 0.1 % artemisinin only. A total of 40 000 capsules containing one gram was administered, to adults, children, but also to neonates and pregnant women. The therapeutic effect of the capsules against fever and other clinical signs of malaria are always very fast. These results confirm results obtained by the association IFBV-Belherb and her partners in many small scale trials in several African countries. Therapeutic efficiency always was > 95% and prophylaxy was noticed and documented