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The product, also known as “Rosehip Oil”, should not be missing in any beauty routine. The miracle cure has these great effects

Stars like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr swear by natural rose hip oil. It contains many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that make our skin shine.


Especially vitamins A, E and C, as well as the anti-inflammatory fatty acids ensure that rosehip oil counteracts signs of aging and pigmentation. In addition, the skin is moisturized and repaired. Wash your face with oil.

Scars become paler

The anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C don’t just help against wrinkles. Scars can also become paler and flatter because the ingredients in the skin help build collagen. Stretch marks should also become less visible.

Natural ” glow “

Rose hip oil has a firming effect, which reduces pores. This makes your skin shine and you get a natural “glow”. Great idea: simply make your own beauty products.

Protection from sun exposure

Sun protection is extremely important to keep the skin young for as long as possible. Excessive sun exposure can accelerate the skin retention. Rose hip oil can also help here. The contained antioxidants and vitamin C fight free radicals. A nice side effect: Provitamin A supports the natural tanning of the skin.