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Before with unviel the latest way how to cure athletes foot, lets find out a bit more about this contagious fungus.

What causes athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungus which is also known as Tinea Pedis. This foot infection thrives in wet damp warm places such as showers, bathrooms and locker rooms. Tinea pedis Is a harmless fungus which lives on the surface of the skin, and thrives in damp warm places.

How can you become infected with athlete’s foot

You can contract the fungus by coming in direct contact with someone else’s feet who has athlete’s foot, or from showering in the same shower. Also coming in contact with surfaces which have the fungus present, for example sharing socks ,shoes, towels and bedding. if you shower in a shower with somebody who has athlete’s foot you are most likely to contract the fungus as well, or if you use a towel which is been used by someone else with the fungus.

How to know if you have athlete’s foot

The first sign of symptoms of athlete’s foot that you will notice is an itchy sensation between the toes or around the affected area. You may also experience stinging or a burning sensation.

What does athletes feet look like

You may find that the areas which are normally affected can become dry, flaky and the skin becomes red and inflamed, you may also experience cracks developing. These cracked areas can become swollen and start to blister.

Athletes foot on hands

A little known fact but athlete’s foot can also affect the hands if one does not wash their hands thoroughly after touching the affected areas on their feet. The medical term for athlete’s foot on the hands is Tinea Manuum. Having your hands affected with the fungus is quite rare and if it does become infected then it’s most likely it will be in the palm of your hands which also become itchy and cracked and dry.

How to cure athlete’s foot – Rosehip Oil

There are numerous medications for athlete’s foot treatment which are available at your local pharmacy such as powders and creams that can be used to clear up athlete’s foot, but if you are happier using natural products there are number of home remedies for athlete’s foot, such as garlic, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol and even bath salts but the latest discovery for natural remedy to clear athlete’s foot is rosehip oil. rosehip oil dropper

How and when to apply rosehip oil

Best results when using rosehip oil for athlete’s foot treatment, have been found when applying the rosehip oil to the affected areas 3 times a day for 3 to 4 days this yields amazing results.

Athlete’s foot prevention

As they were saying prevention is better than cure so to prevent contracting athlete’s foot make sure you wash your feet daily and they are dried off well, especially between your toes. Try to avoid walking barefoot the common areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Alternatively wear shoes or flip flops. Another good idea is to use a deodorant powder to reduce perspiration. And concerning footwear, steer clear of rubber or plastic type shoes and wear socks to help keep your feet dry. Also don’t share other people’s towels use your own.