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Pelargoniums Sidoides

We are BULK supplies of the DRIED ROOT and POWDER from the African Geranium and which is available in quantities of 25kg and 1 ton.

South African Geranium

With the scientific name of Pelargoniums Sidoides, this hardy plant is native to South Africa with over 200 species growing in this country. Commonly know as the African Geranium, this plant has numerous medicinal uses, and has been used by the Sotho people for hundreds of years to help in the healing of wounds.

The South African Geranimu, is easy to grow in your home in flower boxes, in your garden etc.

They flower from spring, which officialy starts on 1st September in South Africa until early summer, around 21st – 31st December. They are mostly found growing along the east and west coasts and in the Cape peninsula.

The South African Geranium is also know in other countries by the following names: Kaloba, Umckaloabo, Umcka and Zucol.

Medicinal Uses

In 1897 the “Stevens Cure” developed by Charles Henry Stevens was used to treat tuberculosis.

In modern day these plants are used in the treatment of head, throat and nose infections, sinus passage infections and chest infections.

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