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We are bulk suppliers of quailty organic certified rosehip products
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Rosehip Farm is a supplier of bulk, wild harvested, chemical free raw material. 
By May 2019 all our harvested species will be certified organic.

About Rosehip

Rosehip was originally grown in Chile and traditionally used by Mayans and Egyptians decades ago as a herbal remedy for numerous aliments. As a result, Rosehip has increasingly gained popularity due the diversity of its use.

Due to the multiuse benefits of the Rosehip species, products can be produced in a variety of different ways and forms. These include:

  • Rosehip oil
  • Rosehip shell powder
  • Dried Rosehip
  • Rosehip tea

Rosehip Oil

Our organic certified Rose hip oil is manufactured from perfect selected Rosehip fruit under the right conditions. Making use of a cold press system to ensure the nutrients remain in the product.

This new and growing oil in the cosmetic market has increased under the models and celebrities due to its anti-aging properties.

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Available in: 5L, 10L, 25L and 200L drums
Price on request

Rosehip Shells

Available in: 25kg – 1 ton
Price on request

With nearly 700% more vitamin C than oranges, you can get your daily dose from just 2 teaspoons.

Rosehip Powder

Available in: 25kg – 1 ton
Price on request

The entire Rosehip shell is pressed into a powder allowing for full nutritional revitalization. Rosehip shell powder is therefore known for its powerful immune boosting properties.

 Rosehip powder is also safe for animal consumption

Rosehip Seeds

Available in: 25kg – 1 ton
Price on request

Dried Rosehip

Available in: 25kg – 1 ton
Price on request


Available in: 25kg – 1 ton
Price on request

Rosehip tea is packed with vitamin C and even flavonoids that are responsible for its antioxidant impact.

Antioxidants help prevent diseases connected with oxidation, for instance, heart disease, arthritis, not to mention cancer.

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