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Helichrysum Hydrosol

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What is Helichrysum Hydrosol?

A hydrosol, also referred to as a plant water, hydrolat, essential water, and herbal distillate is actually the liquid by-product of steam distilling of the Helichrysum plant. The helichrysum hydrosol contains much of the same therapeutic benefits as the essential oil, but are a lot gentler and contain a softer scent than the essential oil and of course are a lot safer to use around the home, children and pets. Many hydrosols can to be taken internally for their health benefits, and may be used on kids of any ages because of their delicate nature, something that isn’t typically recommended of essential oils.


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How is Hydrosol Produced?

This specific technique of distillation is accomplished by boiling and afterwards simmering the plant material, producing steam. The steam is cooled down as it rises to the lid, which is cooled by the ice. The steam is then collected as it drops into a container, creating a plant water similar to a hydrosol. The finished product can be used as food or beverage flavorings, in skin and hair care, in sprays and as a substitute for hydrosols.

What is Hydrosol Used For?

A popular use for hydrosols is on linen. spray a lavender hydrosol on your bed linen before bed or try rose petal how to sell on your bath towels. because hydrosols don’t contain oils they are less likely to leave stains on the linen and towels.

Hydrosols are gentle and safe for use in and around your home


 Hydrosols make fantastic cleaners when sprayed onto your cleaning cloths has it helps to trap dust and dirt and at the same time leaves and invigorating aroma on kitchen services desktops etc.


 The biggest advantage of hydrosols over essential oils is that they are safe to use around  infants and young children. There are a couple of essential oils that can be used around children,  but in much lower concentration and with caution. now with hydrosols this is not the case.


 Is hydrosols a source of to use around the home they are ideal for freshening up your pets blankets and sleeping areas, they have even been used to help control fleas,  help with skin issues an to calm your pets.

Room fresheners

 As hydrosols are cheaper than essential oils many people prefer to use the hydrosols as room deodorizers. try using lavender and citrus hot sauce to really freshen up your home.

 Skin toners

 A number of essential oils can really irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes and cheekbones hydrosols because they are so gentle you shouldn’t have any issues using them on your face and hands  two tone your skin.

Try using frankincense and Calendula hydrosols to calm irritated skin.

Cuts and Scrapes

Try using hydrosols  uncut scrapes and rashes  to ease inflammation and help start the healing process.  two great hydrosols for this use are helichrysum hydrosol and lavender hydrosol


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